28 Nov 2022
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Crier funding was provided to repaint the Cambourne Soul building / April 2017 issue

Community Fund

Cambourne Crier has a fund available to help local clubs and groups with the purchase of equipment.

If you would like to apply for funding, please download the application form and email it to pamhume1@gmail.com

We have recently provided funding to The Vine School community gardening project, Cambourne Guides and Cambourne Bowls Club. We have previously supported Cambourne Football Club, The Big Squiggle (formerly The Big Draw), the Meet the Neighbours Easter Egg Hunt and Performing Arts. We have also paid for materials to help with the repainting of the former Cambourne Soul building and helped provide equipment to Cambourne-based charity, CamCare UK.

Cambourne Bowls Club

"Cambourne Bowls Club wish to thank the Cambourne Crier Community Fund for its generous donation to the club for the purchase of two additional rink scorers.

"This enables ordinary club members to record their scores when there is also a league match taking place."

CamCare UK

Shrobona Bhattacharya runs many community events for everyone from local children to elderly residents through the charitable incorporated CamCare UK. All events are free and run without any proper funding.

Shrobona contacted Cambourne Crier and made an application for funds for equipment through the Cambourne Crier Community Fund which makes grants and donations to local clubs, societies or causes. The Fund was able to help CamCare purchase a speaker system with mic and a poster-holding panel.

"The speaker system is a great asset," said Shrobona, "I used it in Festival of Colours, Cambourne Mela, Cambourne Science Festival, Cambourne Art day and the recent Festival of light for presentations, announcements and playing music.

"When I attended the last volunteer’s meet at The Hub, I had to leave all the posters on the table which were not visible to the people and I found difficulties interacting with visitors with posters in hand. The poster holding panel will help me to exhibit my community involvement works more effectively and will be used for all my future events in Cambourne.

"Cambourne Crier is doing an excellent job through the community fund, helping people like me. I am happy to share these two items if any other community group wants to use them for their events in Cambourne village."