23 Sep 2023
More than 4,400 copies delivered free to Cambourne homes and businesses every month
Crier funding bought sports equipment for Cambourne Rainbows / February 2023 issue


Cambourne Crier offers prime space run of pages display advertising and classified advertising. Download the ratecards below for prices.

To book advertising in Cambourne Crier, please email janetpendrill@gmail.com

We can also distribute leaflets alongside Cambourne Crier. The current distribution covers 4,200 houses in Upper, Lower and Great Cambourne. The cost for delivery is £165. For details of deadlines and more information, please contact delivery@cambournecrier.org

If you are a local non-profit group or organisation, we will run your advert free of charge if we have space. If you wish to submit a designed advert, it must be 95mm wide x 132mm high and emailed to editorial@cambournecrier.org.