27 Jun 2017
Delivered free to more than 4,000 Cambourne homes every month
Parish Plan launch event details unveiled: 11am, 10 June, the Hub / June 2017 issue

Cambourne Crier

Cambourne Crier is a monthly newsletter delivered free of charge to all residents of the South Cambridgeshire villages of Lower Cambourne, Great Cambourne and Upper Cambourne.

Compiled by volunteers and funded solely by advertising, Cambourne Crier has been published since February 2000.

The June edition of Cambourne Crier is now out – delivered to Cambourne homes on 3-4 June 2017.

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The deadline for the July edition of Cambourne Crier has now passed. The issue will be delivered to Cambourne homes on 1-2 July 2017.

The deadline for submissions for the August edition of Cambourne Crier is 16 July 2017.

Please email submissions to editorial@cambournecrier.org

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